A website installer tool resembles the script installers which many Internet hosting companies offer. While the latter are used to set up an application without being positive whether it's suitable to build a specific sort of Internet site, the Internet site installer has more options to pick from so that once a particular application is set up, you will be able to build the site you wish. Several businesses offer Internet site installers, but this sort of tools make it much simpler to pick what app to use for your Internet site in the event that you do not have a lot of experience and are not sure what the different programs out there can be used for - blogs, online stores, etc. It's critical to know that an Internet site installer isn't the same thing as an online site builder - instead, it enables you to install a ready-made website which you'll be able to start customizing in accordance with your needs from the administrator area of the application which you have selected.

Website Installer in Cloud Hosting

We offer an Internet site installer with each and every cloud hosting package we offer and you can access it via your Hepsia hosting Control Panel with only a couple of mouse clicks. The software tool is extremely simple to use - select a domain and the sort of the website that you would like to have, enter the login credentials whichyou want to use for the back office and you shall be ready. You shall have a huge number of templates to pick from during the process, so you'll be able to save a lot of cash on web design services since you'll be able to set up a professional site within a few minutes and at no extra cost. The templates that shall appear depend on the type of site you have chosen and this way you could build a general-purpose website, a blog, a web-based store or an image gallery with minimal efforts.